Unique Scholarships for People With Red Hair 2017


Those that need help paying for school often look for financial assistance, and the good news is that there are scholarships for college on any subject you could think of. For example, they are available for people who are interested in fire sprinklers or know how to play the game of marbles really well.  Believe it or not, free tuition aid is awarded to tall persons as well!

One topic area of you may not have considered is scholarships for red headed students. Such men and women represent an incredibly small portion of our population, and so some organizations are developing free academic aid for individuals born with a natural red/orange hair color.  Interestingly fellowships are also awarded to persons with a certain eye color i.e blue, green, brown, or hazel.  At first thought, it might sound a little silly but they all serve a specific purpose:- Helping scholars who don’t have money for college education.  As an educator, I truly appreciate their effort to provide funds to our society consisting of a highly diverse population.

Red Head Scholarships on the Rise?

Exotic Red Hair on Kat Von DIn addition, there is reason to believe that this type of scholarships for red hair may be on the rise as a result of bullying. Redheads, or “gingers,” as they’re being referred to, are often bullied due to their rare genetic trait. While the bullying is, of course, horrific, often indicating students born with red hair may soon find additional amount of funding – both for red heads and individuals who were victims of harassment.

How to Search & Apply?

Currently there aren’t any scholarships for redheads, but because the number of fellowships is very likely to grow in the next few years you should always be on the lookout for new additions. This unique initiative is most well-known website for red haired students. However it is currently closed for new applications.

A Brief History About Them:- Apparently someone went out to try to find this supposed reward, only to find no evidence of one. So they decided to create one themselves, and thus making it a reality for many opportunists. They’ve been around since 2009, and the application period is fairly straight forward – simply provide two photos as evidence/proof that you are red headed, also try to create some type of media work (writing, video, audio etc.) describing your experience – what’s it like to be a redhead?  The are offering $250 to any college of your choosing.

Other Alternatives for Scholarship Programs

Remember, you are not limited to just having red hair scholarship. There are also grants for Irish descendants (an ethnicity with a high red hair population), ones who were harassed for “being different,” and more.  Certain online awards do not have any eligibility criteria, they are open for the general public to apply free of cost into their monthly contest ($10,000).  There are also rumored to be educational grants for those with freckles (as many redheads have) but currently no such opportunity has been found. Who knows? Perhaps it is already a work in progress!

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