2017 Student Scholarships for Having Brown Eyes


Applying for grant-in-aid is an intimidating process. I remember my senior year of high school it seemed like every adult in my life was asking me if I’d applied for any student aid, how I better start looking around, and how they heard about a new fellowship that I was eligible for. It was overwhelming.  However I quickly realized that my dreams won’t be fulfilled without money for college.  It was time to discover financial assistance to pay for all my educational costs.

The hardest part about applying for education grants, I learned, is searching for them. Sit down at your computer and simply do a web search for “free online college scholarships.” Look for websites that integrate academic funds database (search engine) worth millions of dollars.  Typically all you have to do is fill out relevant information, based on your input it will filter out unwanted data and deliver results according to your preference. How easy is that? Scholarship programs that match you according to eligibility requirements will save a lot of time by eliminating the pointless searching. Eliminating the useless data prevents you from feeling defeated and giving up on your search.

Find Your Perfect Match

Just like online tech support, these type of websites will make your life so much easier by providing accurate results that match your personal preference. It’s much more effective to narrow down the massive lists of scholarships available to the ones that you’re actually qualified for. If you search through portals that just displays a generic list; you will end up scrolling through hundreds of individual sources. Eventually finding out that you’re not eligible for any of them, for some reason or another.  Another great alternative is to enter a free scholarship sweepstakes contest driven to help out students with education costs. Unlike others, they don’t have a personal agenda nor any prerequisites to qualify.  Additionally, the money can be used for any type of college expenses including tuition fees. Brown eyed girls

It’s extremely frustrating to scroll through irrelevant listings and don’t find any that you’re able to qualify for. The problem with most college education grants is that they’re either too specific or too broad. If they’re too specific, chances are you aren’t eligible for them. If they’re too broad, chances are you won’t be the lucky person to win the rewards.

For example, say you find something titled “Brown-Eyed Girls Scholarship.”

First off, if you’re a boy, you may have read “brown eyed,” gotten excited, and then had your dreams dashed once you finished reading the entire title.

If you’re a girl, you may be excited that you found a scholarship for brown eyes that you might actually be eligible for. However, were you aware that there are actually two shades of this color, dark and light brown, or even “honey”? It may be clearly indicated that they only want students that have honey colored eyes.

People with brown eyes are most commonly found in East Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Oceania, Africa, along with some of the Americans. For having brown eyes scholarship, they could also specify that qualified applicants must be Asian females. That eliminates all Caucasian, African American, American Indian, Mexican, and Hispanic females.

On the other hand, it may not have any restrictions other than that you must be a female or girl with brown-eyes. That means thousands of women will be applying for this opportunity, so what’s the point of filling out all that paperwork for nothing? It’s a double-edged sword.

Good luck with your career!

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