Learn to Survive with an Impaired Eyesight


Individuals with a weak eyesight have difficulty doing regular day-to-day activities. Those with impaired vision constantly struggle in taking care of their own needs.  A lot of people with low vision have serious concerns of keeping their careers and advancing educational opportunities. Anxiety caused by this problem prevents sufferers from getting a better quality of life. This should definitely not be the case. Here are ways people with eyeglasses or contact lens can start enjoying life better:-

Join a support group

Depression is a natural consequence of losing something important. A Decreased eyesight could limit the things that you can do. It is easy to feel that you have lost control and everything seems unbalanced. Stress and anxiety can easily creep in to the lives of many and can cause depression. Counseling and joining a support group will help you cope better and overcome this new phase in your daily routine.Spectacles on Eyes

Have a can-do attitude

People who cannot see properly often lack confidence to pursue opportunities due to their condition. Those who struggle to cope with it, have resigned to their fate. Self-pity is not going to do you any good.  It takes the right attitude to overcome your condition. Being impaired should not keep the things that make you happy away from you. Arm yourself with that winning attitude and keep the zest to succeed in the long run. Don’t let this condition bring you down. Whenever you have goals that you want to achieve, do not let your eyeglasses get in the way.  Continue giving your best just to achieve your goals and keep in mind that you can always have better pairs of glasses whenever you need to.  Just because you have low-vision does not mean that you also need to downgrade your goals.  Aim high and stop using your disability as a hindrance to your success.

Friendly public policy for better future

Government has an important role in improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. Politicians should have a public policy agenda for them in order to create awareness in the society. The agenda should move toward a user-friendly world to benefit everyone with spectacles. Public places should adopt measures to meet the needs of visually impaired people. Try to find a way where you can suggest these measures to the authorities in your society and take the initiative to help those who also have the same problems.

Know how to survive with visual coping aids

Using visual aids needs a lot of getting used to. Those of us who need to constantly wear eyeglasses should make an effort to make it second nature. Knowledge of both optical and non-optical aid will give you a better grip on how to make it work for you. You will have an easier time dealing with the impairment if you know how the aids can improve the quality of life. Take the time to search in the internet or ask those eye experts about those tools that will help you see better.

It is not the end but a new challenge

Low vision doesn’t mean that you will no longer have a happy and fulfilling adulthood. Treat your condition as a challenge that you need to overcome. Face the challenges that your circumstances create for you. This will give you a whole new meaning about defeating every obstacle along the way.  Embrace what’s in front of you and live above it!  Losing a part of your physical ability should not mean losing your courage as well to achieve your dreams.  It may entail having to go through a lot of stress and anxiety but rest assured that you will be able to overcome all of it if you only have enough perseverance and determination.

Do not resist change

Change is the only constant thing in the world. Eventually, how you do things will change. It can be miserable if you resist change. Look for ways to get around the changes that happen around you.

Don’t let anything become a handicap. Flexibility and patience is the key to living a balanced life. The right mindset will enable you to rise above and come out the debacle unscathed.