Educational Scholarships for People With Green Eyes 2018


Almost everyone would agree that the word “Scholarship” is something that cannot be associated with “Fun”.  However there are some unique ones that are truly awesome – it’s free money for college we’re talking about!  But fun? Not so much. Applying for fellowships can often be boring, time-consuming, and tedious to get approved.  In order to become eligible & qualify for the funds, you must be persistent in your approach towards the entire process.

Many education grants require you to write an essay of some sort, get recommendations from your teachers or professors, fill out all of your educational information, your financial information, your ethnicity, any volunteer work you’ve done, any activities or organizations you’ve been a part of, any part-time jobs you’ve worked, any internships you’ve completed, and what your extra-curricular activities are.

It may seem as though to get a fellowship you need to have an amazing GPA, amazing SAT scores, volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, been in at least three clubs at school, interned for a contract software company, played at least one sport, and belonged to at least two organizations or groups outside of school. For the average student, with an average life, who gets good grades and spends their time hanging out with their friends or going to the movies, it may seem like there aren’t any academic scholarship programs available for your career.

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Research is the key

However if you dig a little deeper and think outside of the box, you can use this amazing scholarship portal to get a step ahead. The trick is being able to think outside of the box. In other words, think about how you would describe your true-self. Are you a left-handed student? Do you have green eyes? Are you a vegetarian? As small as these details seem, don’t toss them aside with the attitude that there won’t be any college grants that cater to left-handed people, blonde hair women or green-eyed girls. There are many unique ones that are interested in the unique physical traits that shape your personality.

It may not seem like a big deal, but only 2% of the world’s population have green eyes, and most of them are females. Many believe that it is a mixture of brown and blue eyes, and they certainly look “mystical”.  People with green eyes have the characteristics of “chameleon eyes”, it means that their eye color changes according to external weather, dress, mood swings, and much more.

Just because you may not think there’s anything about you that stands out from the crowd, doesn’t mean that’s what everyone else thinks. I’m sure many people having green eyes are unaware of how rare their color actually is in the world. Doubting the uniqueness of yourself might lead to you missing out on a great financial aid opportunity, so start making a list of any of your physical traits and start searching for opportunities related to those traits.  For students, another great option is to take advantage of free online scholarships. The extra money will ultimately help you pay for college education.

Don’t limit your scholarship search to just physical traits about yourself though. Are you a duck caller? Do you have a ridiculously long last name that’s hard to pronounce? Do you know how to knit properly? Do you have a plan for dealing with a zombie apocalypse? Student aid is available for all of these things. So embrace your inner weirdness, let your freak flag fly, and win some cash.

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So now you believe that Fun Scholarships exist… (is that an oxymoron?)